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Special Olympics: Opening Eyes Program 2015

Special Olympics: Opening Eyes

The For Your Eyes Only entire staff closed down the office and volunteered at the Special Olympics: Opening Eyes program for the day. Athletes from around Nebraska were able to come in and get their eyes checked. They were also able to get a new pair of glasses, sports goggles, or sun wear. It is a great program and a lot of fun for everyone!


First stop for the athletes was check in where Lyon’s Club members obtained their patient history and information.


Second stop was the lensometer where Kara from our office and Kathryn from another office checked the athletes’ current glasses prescription.

20150522_101236 - Copy

Next up is the auto-refract with Dawn and RaeDee from our office. This is Dawn with an athlete!


If the athlete could not sit down for the auto-refract we had a hand held one on hand. This test gets the baseline prescription before the doctor sees the patient.


One of the trickier stations was the tonometer. A couple of student doctors obtained the pressures inside of the eye by using a tono-pen. This tool uses a tiny plastic “tapper” which taps the eye 6 times to measure the pressure inside of the eye. Very painless and convenient!

20150522_095951 - Copy

Doctor Lodl was at the final station where she assessed all of the findings and referred them to get new glasses or perhaps to see specialist for any vision issues found today.

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Essilor was the sponsor for the eyeglasses and provided new frames and lenses to over 200 athletes! Athletes could pick between regular glasses, sunglasses, and sports goggles.


Dr. Crotty from Auburn was on the slit lamp where he examined the inside and outside of the eye with his microscope.


Athletes were refracted at this station. The doctor uses the phoropter to get a final prescription.


A view of all the frames the athletes had to choose from!


RaeDee and Kara enjoying the day.

20150522_095935 (1)

The athletes were also tested for color vision and depth perception.


Dr. Lodl, Dr. Michaels, and Dr. Fett taking a break for a picture. Overall, ten doctors, two student doctors and 16 volunteer technicians and opticians from all around Nebraska helped to make the day a success.